Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Money, Counting & Numbers

Since storytime fell only a few days before tax day, I could not resist hosting a money and number themed storytime. Here's what we shared :
Books We Shared :

Who's Counting? by Nancy Tafuri

Jenny Found a Penny by Trudy Harris
(I incorporated a jar of change and dropped money bit by bit into the jar as I read the book - works like a charm)

Two at the Zoo by Danna Smith

One Gorilla by Anthony Browne

I shared my all-time favorite, go-to rhyme for anything money, food or humor related.
It's called "Bakery Shop" and I used a donut prop plus a nickel-sized coin (actually a coin from Denmark that has a hole in it).

Here's how the song/rhyme goes:
(can be sung to the tune of "Oh I had a little chicken and she wouldn't lay an egg ...")
Oh I walked around the corner
And I walked around the block
And I walked right into
The bakery shop
And I took a donut
Right out of the grease,
And I handed the lady
A five-cent piece.
Well ... she looked at the nickel
And she looked at me,
And she said,
"Young man, you're cheating me!
There's a hole in the nickel and it goes right through!"
I said,
"There's a hole in the donut too!"
Thanks for the donut ... good-bye!

Continuing in that same theme of money/bakery shops/nickels, I shared my "Five Little Cupcakes" flannel, complete with a "man with a nickel in his hand" who "tick tocks" his way into the shop to steal a cupcake :
My final story was a book prop for Pat Brisson's "Benny's Pennies" which my library has had for many years (purchased from the now extinct site) - this is such a perfect book for a prop -- the items in question are tucked inside the pennies and are revealed as Benny purchases items for his family.

My take home activity for the week was on numeracy awareness for kids. A very simple counting sheet which incorporates the concept of money (coins) and adding up to create a certain amount of money.
For at-home use only

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