Baby & Me Storytime

The Marriage of One Book and One Puppet

I love puppets.
Love, love, love puppets.

Unfortunately, I often cannot find a good way to incorporate them into storytimes.
This is especially true with finger puppets which are so small they don't translate well with larger groups.

However, at Baby Storytime my group is much smaller and, therefore, able to be a place where I can experiment with how to use smaller finger puppets.

Here is a brief example of what I did at storytime today :

I shared this book ...

This is such a darling book, and if read early enough in storytime you can incorporate a lot of interaction (knocking on the door, scratching on the gate, etc.)
At the end of the book, after we had "discovered" all the chicks under the scarecrow's apron, I said, "wait ... listen ... do you hear something? one chick is missing!"
I then reached into my storytime box and brought out the last "missing" chick, which was this Folkmanis finger puppet :
Mission accomplished. Finger puppet used.
Only problem was ... every baby at my storytime
was ga-ga over the baby chick and wanted to GRAB IT.
Oh well, topic for another blog post I suppose ...



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