One person's trash is another's treasure ...

The book "Tip Tip Dig Dig" by Emma Garcia is, sadly, out of print in hardcover (board book is still in print). I had a copy needing to be weeded at my library and rather than just toss it in recycling, I used the pages to make a keeper of a flannel. I can now use this in a myriad of ways (including the original text of the book) and continue to share these fantastic images at storytime!

Here is the condition of my sad copy ...

And here are the pages flannelized into fantastic pieces!

So just remember ... before you toss that beloved out-of-print picture book, first see if you can keep it in a different format!




  1. Excellent!! Love this one...I'm gonna be so busy making new sets! Thanks!

  2. Perfect! Loving this along with Kathryn. Fits right into STEAM...so glad you placed the bees in there. Yes...it's time for an apple tree. ~ jane