Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Birthday

We celebrated birthdays this morning at storytime -- and had two attendees whose birthdays were just a few days away! Always very cool when that happens ...

This storytime was simple and sweet, just like a classic birthday cake.

Books We Shared :
It's My Birthday  by Heidi Goennel (out of print)
Wolf's Coming  by Joe Kulka (what's a birthday celebration without a little, um, surprise?)
Muriel's Red Sweater  by Dora Dokas
A Birthday For Cow  by Jan Thomas

I also shared the story "The Cake That Mack Ate" using the book prop from Book Props -- I think this one is sadly no longer available. It really is one of their better efforts. Could probably be made into a flannel story with a bit of work.

Finally, I shared this flannel story :

Five little cupcakes at the bakery shop
Round and fat with frosting on top.
Along came _________ (child's name)
With a quarter one day,
Bought a cupcake and ate it right away!

Four little cupcakes ...
Three little cupcakes ...
Two little cupcakes ...
One little cupcake ...

last time :
No little cupcakes at the bakery shop ...
None with sprinkles or frosting on top ...
It was my birthday
And there was no time to bake ...
So I bought myself a birthday cake!

My cupcake template was found here :
birthday cupcake template
My cake template was found here :
birthday cake
But I imagine these two images can be fairly easily produced with freehand drawings.


  1. So cute!! The Birthday theme is always so much fun!

  2. I NEED to make one of these in readiness for storytime birthdays. I love your variation on the rhyme.

  3. Great job. I recently made cupcakes to go with a variation of the same rhyme. I will post soon. ~ jane