Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Who doesn't like pizza? Pepperoni Pizza. Sausage Pizza. Cheese Pizza.
Today's storytime was all pizza, all the time.
Here's how the pie was laid out ...

Books We Read :
The Pizza That We Made  by Joan Holub
The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza)  by Philemon Sturges
Pizza at Sally's  by Monica Wellington
"Hi, Pizza Man!"  by Virginia Walter

The flannel story I shared is taken from Carole Spinelli's poem "One More Bite" -- here is the text :
At four o'clock when I came home
So ravenous from school,
I barely got inside
Before my mouth begain to drool

I stormed the kitchen like a thief
Because I craved a treat
I searched through all the cabinets
For something good to eat.

I first consumed a vegetable
For health was on my mind,
And then I chomped a piece of fruit
Right through it's bumpy rind.

Because the hunger didn't quit
I gnawed some homemade bread,
I ate a cherry lollipop
Which made my tongue all red!

I then proceeded to digest
A giant piece of pie,
With dollops of whipped cream on top
So swirly, twirly high.

Then my mother gave to me
A sandwich of baloney,
But I'd rather have a pizza pie
All topped with pepperoni!

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