Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Family Storytime - Shaggy Waggy Dogs

Today at storytime we had a guest visitor - therapy dog, Charlie!
We thank Charlie and his owner/handler, Diana, for bringing some doggy joy into our weekly storytime.

There are so many good picture books about dogs that it was hard to select the best and brightest, but here is what we read today :

Shaggy dogs, waggy dogs by Hubbell
Rrrralph by Ehlert
Ivan the terrier by Catalanotto
A dog is a dog by Shaskan

We shared the book prop for Rose Robart's The Cake that Mack Ate

Everyone participated in much tail-wagging during the doggy-version of "If you're happy and you know it ... wag your tail". Lots of barking and tail-chasing took place.

Here is a simple fingerplay that was shared :
     10 little doggies went out one day
     To dig in the yard and play, play, play
     10 were spotted
     And 10 were not,
     And at dinnertime they ate a lot!

And no storytime on dogs would be complete without a rousing sing-along of "B-I-N-G-O"! We did this using flannel letters and pawprints.

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