Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Family Storytime : Birds Galore!

First off, I adore doing a bird-themed storytime. Why? Because I get to read one of my all-time favorite picture books ever ... Birds by Kevin Henkes illustrated by Laura Dronzek. This picture book has the best description of birds ever : "sometimes in winter a tree with one bird looks like a red leaf leftover". What a great depiction of a cardinal in winter. Hooray for Kevin Henkes!

In addition to the Henkes book, we also read the following :
Bring on the Birds  by Susan Stockdale
Birdsongs  by Betsy Franco
(and I included a CD with the songs of the birds in the book to play as I read and showed the illustrations)
Whose Chick are You?  by Nancy Tafuri

We also shared a flannel story of Charlotte Voake's
I love her take on the song "The green grass grew all around" -- plus, anytime I can sing at storytime makes me a happy camper.

Finally, we did the Rob Reid version of "Two Little Blackbirds" and I used my two raven finger puppets from Folkmanis. My favorite is ending with the two little blackbirds named Early and Late. Waiting around for "Late" to come back always puts the parents (and kids) in stitches.

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