Monday, June 18, 2012

MnDOT Truck Storytime

Thanks to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, our truck-themed storytime today had a little extra "vroom"!

We started off with a few truck books :
Job Site  by Nathan Clement
I Drive a Snowplow  by Sarah Bridges

We read the snowplow book because although it was June and about 85 degrees in the shade, the MnDOT folks knew that this truck would be ready and available to visit us.

Sam tells the kids what a MnDOT truck driver does
Sam, our MnDOT driver, came in and told us a few pieces of information about the trucks :
the MnDOT trucks are always orange
they do more than just plow snow!
poor Sam gets a lot of calls from his boss "in the middle of the night" to come and do a job for the state of Minnesota.

We thank MnDOT and especially Sam for coming out to the library today and giving us an up-close experience with one of these massive working trucks.

Outside with the big plow!


The back looks like a giant dump truck

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