Monday, April 7, 2014

Do You Know Your ABCs and 123s?

Counting and Letters!
Storytime today focused on the alphabet and numbers.

Here are the books that we shared :
For the Lois Ehlert book, we played an "I Spy" game.
I put a bunch of flannel fruits and veggies up and we tried to figure out what might be on each page of the book. You can do this at home too -- read the book, and try to find things you might have in your cupboard or fridge that match the letters and pictures on the page. Try to find other foods that might fit in with each letter as well!

Do you know the A-B-C song?
Do you know the backwards A-B-C song?
Try this out!

Our last story today was Splash by Ann Jonas
I had a great prop courtesy of Book Props (unfortunately, this title is no longer in stock) that was a great way to practice counting while telling a silly story.
Here is the handout I had available to accompany the book -- this is for at-home use only. Please duplicate only as needed.

 Happy counting and reading!


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