Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nighty-Night : Bedtime Books

50+ year old Meg
Storytime may happen in the morning right after we've all gotten out of bed, but that's no reason to NOT celebrate the closing of the day! All our stories today were about bedtime, going to sleep, and what happens at night. I wore my flannel jammies (which was a bit of a mistake in early August ...), fuzzy slippers and brought my oldest, dearest teddy to storytime.

Here are the books we shared today :

I whipped out my old Monkey Mitt with the pom-pom monkeys and got out a toy telephone and we
all chanted the "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" rhyme ... some things never grow old, do they?

A fun song to sing (or game to play) is "Five in the Bed" -- we shared this today as a flannel :

Don't forget to include the last line where the littlest bear hogs the big feather bed all to himself, complete with a big feather pillow -- good night!

 Finally, we ended with a very sweet bedtime story courtesy of Amy Hest. "Kiss Goodnight" tells the story of Sam who is waiting and waiting for that one special something to conclude a proper bedtime. Can you guess what it is? Yes, a giant goodnight kiss (AGAIN!). We shared this story with the fabulous prop set from Book Props. Unfortunately, this prop is no longer available, but with a little effort could be made into a fabulous feltboard prop!

Our early literacy tip today was "Write Together!" -- to that end, I handed out an activity sheet designed for the earliest letter writers to use in working on control of their marker, pencil or crayon. Simply trace the dotted red lines as you tell Sam's story and list each of the things he needs (plus a kiss!) before going to sleep.

For at-home use only.


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